founded and based in Zagreb

An agency for employment and employement mediation


Bussiness directed on Croatian market as well as international market

JOB & SPORTS CONSULTING is an agency for temporary employment and employement mediation. JOB & SPORT CONSULTING is Croatian agency founded and based in Zagreb, Croatia. It is directed on Croatian market as well as international market, especially European Union.

As ideal partner for You we will help you to find appropriate staff for creating your competitivness and increasing your market productivity.

JOB&SPORTS CONSULTING also provides services of recruitment, translation of foreign documents for obtaining work permits and visas, organizing the arrival for potential employees and providing accomodation for them, as well as adapting employees for work in Your company.

We guarantee the professionalism of our candidates


Our philosophy

The crucial resource in the time we live in is knowledge, and the only bearers of it are people, therefore our people always come first. We are investing in theirs development and support so You could be satisfied with staff provided by our agency. For the reasons stated we persistently support our workers to develop and fulfil theirs full potential.

Looking for a qualified employees who you can count on for a long period of time?



Ul.Krizantema 68
Zagreb - Sesvete 10360

JOB & SPORT CONSULTING for employment mediation is licensed by the Ministry of Labor and Pension System to perform activities related to employment CLASS: 102-02 / 21-03 / 70; REGISTRATION NUMBER: 524-04-01-02 / 1-21-2, issued on October 27, 2021