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Looking for a qualified employees who you can count on for a long period of time?

Our goal is to find reliable employees for you. The professionality of our candidates is guaranteed, also we will help You to find ideal candidates for Your workplace.

We will help you find the appropriate staff

You are in situation where You have many contracted jobs, limited time frame and not enough workforce? You can`t plan future jobs because You don`t have enough qualified staff. Employees that You hired are`t qualified and expirienced enough?

You want to find appropriate staff and want to have long-term solution but it takes a lot of time, and it`s hard to find qualified employees, that`s why are we here for You.

Simple and without delay

We are ideal partner for You. As ideal partner for You we will help You find appropriate staff for creating your competitivness and increasing your market productivity.



Together we determine how many employees You need. Then You fill the questionnaire and at the end we sign a contract.



The process of recruitment lasts 2-6 weeks. First we find the employee and as well as the checking of the employees. After the successful check, we organize an interview where you can check the ability of an employee.



After a successful interview, we gather all the required documents for the work and residence in Croatia, then You hand over those documents to the Ministry of Internal Affairs.


Employee transport

We are responsible for the transport of the employees. You only need to choose the date, and we choose the optimal carrier as we acompany employees on enah travel.


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